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New Design

Re-visionary Conclusions 

Step 01

App learning & research


Our learning process​

  1. Downloading and using App

  2. General Radio usage statistics

  3. Radio App analytics data mining

  4. Radio Apps research

  5. Building flow map

  6. Radio App features analysing

  7. UX design implementation

  8. Radio Apps research results & conclusions

  9. Presenting & Brainstorm Appointment

  10. Decision making

Step 02

App Redesign


Our design process included 

  1. Three design options 

  2. Developing one chosen design option

  3. File handling

  4. Design QA

The learning process and the flow we built helped us to reorder functions groups and to put them together on the right hierarchy over the screen.

Using the screen space wisely by locating functions group following the flow we built.


The process also helped with marketing decisions & product strategy.


Right after the learning process, we designed 3 different UX/UI design option, which the client had to choose his favorite one and keep on to step 2



Screen Size adaptation & Style Guide

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